What ORBIT offers

In today’s high-paced competitive environment; ‘time to market’ is one of the key parameters to success. As a result, there is tremendous pressure on the design engineering team to produce a high-quality design with high confidence and close to zero failure rate.

With its team of extremely highly qualified analysts, ORBIT is collaborating with our customers, to deliver an advanced analysis and help them produce a flawless design. These analyses are a cost-effective alternative to an experimental testing

Key Customer Benefits

  • Minimize risk of design failure
  • Minimizing design and prototyping iterations
  • Significant cost saving
  • Faster design and development cycle

ORBIT Value Proposition

  • Structural Analysis: Helps to determine the cause of structural failure. Highly beneficial while optimizing material, strength, cost, weight, etc.
  • Flow Network Modelling: Helps to understand gas distribution, transmission systems and possible failure root causes
  • Thermal Analysis: Helps to study the properties of material with change in temperature
  • Multiphysics Analysis: Includes study of heat transfer, fluid flow, deformation, electromagnetics and mass transport