Data Science, Automation, BI & Analytics

Today, we are living in a world of data. Almost every company, irrespective of the industry, is dealing with an ocean of data. How that data pool is managed and assessed is a critical competitive differentiator.

In the current scenario, most commonly observed problems are:

  • Manual workflows & old business process(es)
  • Traditional method & technology is still followed
  • Decision making based on low accuracy data
  • Different disconnected Information systems

ORBIT, with its team of experienced technical architects,  business analysts, and data scientists, is working with our customers to streamline, optimize and automate their business processes.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Reduced manhours & cost 
  • Increased accuracy & efficiency
  • Business processes automation optimization
  • Data driven decision making

ORBIT Value Proposition

Business processes streamlining and optimization

  • Data driven approach for business process analytics, creation and update
  • Change customer’s business dynamics by multimillion $ cost savings

Automation of business processes, reporting, activities, trainings

  • Maximize efficiency of decision making & reporting capabilities
  • Tailored solution, technical architecture, design, UX, and development
  • Deployment, trainings, organization change management

Data Science

  • Industry 5.0 projects
  • Machine learning: Predictive analysis, classification, self-clustering and other models
  • Artificial intelligence: Deep learning, neural networks implementation

Specializes in information systems like CRM, ERP tools

  • Oracle Apps, SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint including deployment & implementation
  • QuickBase